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    will offer our clients a good night's sleep.

Environmental and Social Policy

All our suppliers are duly certified by norm OEKO-TEX.

The Oeko-Tex® Standard 100 Norm was developed in the 90s to answer the need of consumers and public in general to find textiles that pose no risk to health. However, the demands of modern textile products are impossible to accomplish without the use of certain chemical substances. Nowadays textiles need to come in modern colours, with easy care instructions, made to last and presenting many other functional characteristics that are, more often than not, indispensable. The test and certification environment of Oeko-Tex® Standard 100 Norm complies with the most diversified demands posed by consumers regarding the quality of modern textile products while bearing in mind the complex production conditions of the textile industry.


CC® promotes the research and development of new products for home textile. For that purpose we count on the support of our partners and suppliers, as well as on the collaboration of the specialized technicians at University of Minho, who apply their knowledge and creativity in bringing to life the ideas that are born in the context of the textile industry.

Moreover, CC® is supported by a group of carefully selected partners that guarantee the level of quality demanded by all our clients, whether with products in the field of solid dyeing, rotary or digital printing, Jacquard, etc..

From the moment we decided to define the entire project of conception, we have meticulously designed a set of custom made solutions for our clients, from the very step of designing, to choosing the appropriate materials and overseeing a strict control of the entire productive process.

CC® possess all the necessary technical competencies to assure our clients a high quality standard from its conception to delivery process, setting an undeniable recognition of that endeavour by achieving our client’s total satisfaction.