• To provide products that
    will offer our clients a good night's sleep.


Established in the town of GuimarĂ£es, a textile region par excellence, the Manager has succeeded in taking advantage of the century-long tradition of this region in this field, making it a daily goal to offer innovative and creative products. In a clearly competitive answer to a very aggressive market, the brand has remained up to date and always demanding in its quality, investing in products that are traditional in their conception but sophisticated in their functionality.

Coton Couleur® was established about a year ago, but supporting its tender age is a team of collaborators with years of experience in the Home Textile and equipped with the adequate technical skills to develop a quality work, utterly focused on customer satisfaction. Our core team is made up of 10 people coordinating all the work, articulating a network of rigorously selected partners (weaving, finishing, laundries, textile factories, etc.).


To provide products that will offer our customers a good night's sleep.
Betting on natural raw materials, simple or combined, we have incorporated decades of history and know-how. Based on the established technical and technological knowledge, the company develops and creates products with the design and functionality demanded by current times.

Our offer

Our "core business" is the bedding, however, the production of baby accessories (childcare), is beginning to weigh heavily in our offer.

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Baby Collection

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