• To provide products that
    will offer our clients a good night's sleep.

  • Set | Clearwater


The factory collection is our suggestion for 2014 AW.

Inspired in the creative diversity, the design is applied and combined with different finishing techniques. In these products it is easy to find the dynamic and casual style of relaxed and practical spaces, while also being elegant and differentiated. This collection reflects our dedication to providing products that are focused on our client’s comfort and well-being.

Velvety touches and soft textures have been the must have for the products in this proposal.

Featuring an absolutely innovative and unmatched look, some of the items in this collection are unique pieces with very specific finishing techniques in laundry such as fade-out, retro dye, tye dye, etc.. One piece is never the same as the other.

And the quality is kept at 100% cotton.

To match we suggest plain fabrics with solid dye, very soft textured Jacquards and fade-out pillows.