• To provide products that
    will offer our clients a good night's sleep.

Coton Couleur® Collection

As a recent company Coton Couleur® has been receiving many suggestions and stimulus from our partners to associate our innovative and critic concept to a bed linen line of products.

Living up to our positioning in the market, we have decided to accept the challenge and we'll be soon launching our first proposal for bed linen Coton Couleur®.

Our promise is that we will remain faithful to our commitment with innovation and differentiation.

The concept we intend to communicate is that we will be different, we will be intuitive and able to foresee and anticipate our client's expectations.

With over 20 years of experience, CC® team of professionals has the ability to understand that the market of Home Textile is so much more than one more exportation business of this country. It is truly a way of life.

Consequently, our experiences are now reflected in the creativity, passion and sense of entrepreneurship we apply in every project.

All Coton Couleur® products are the result of the partnerships we are so proud to have been able to built.

Thus, we have been able to gather the best of each of our partners and "colour" the concept. This makes our task easier as the magical touch comes naturally and we are quick when it comes to ennobling our products.

As such, we never loose sight of the importance of keeping our clients at the heart and centre of every action and are fully aware that our success depends on such commitment.